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With a focus on snacks that accompany our great range of real ales and ciders, we're proud to source from local suppliers.


Portion of Pie (AND) a Side

A hunk of pork pie supplied by

Owen Taylor's Butchers served with Chutney


Choose your pie:

Pork Pie

Pork Pie with Black Pudding

Huntsman’s Pie



The Legendary Cheese (AND) Onion Cob

The definitive cheese cob served with a choice of fresh or pickled onion.


Ham Cob


Snack Ramekins

A generous scoop of nuts served in a dish for sharing.

Choose from:

Salted Peanuts

Dry Roasted Peanuts


Chili Nuts

Honey Roasted Cashews


Pork Scratching’s

The finest pork scratching’s







Ten Acre Crisps

A variety of family favourite flavoured crisps and popcorn.


Choose from:

Ready Salted ~ Sweet & Sour ~ Salt & Vinegar ~ Cheese & Onion ~

Sweet Chilli ~ Hickory BBQ ~ Bombay Spice ~ Sweet & Salty Popcorn ~ Wasabi Popcorn


Other Snacks

Mediteranian mix & Snyders Jalepeno Pretzel Pieces

Our Food

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Pasty and a Pint

Every Tuesday

Soup and a Bread Roll Every Day

Sunday Roast Cob

with gravy and mug of roast potatoes

Every Sunday